ABOUT Haddy Dandeh Jabbi

Founding Member 3rd President


Haddy Dandeh Jabbie is a legal practitioner who has 19 years of experience in the legal field.

From November 2001 to December 2010. Haddy worked at the largest and busiest law firm in The Gambia, Amie Bensouda and Co. representing clients in contract negotiations, drafting agreements and claims, transact and negotiate real estate deals, and corporate legal services. Her skills in civil litigation are exceptional nonetheless, she is very good in handling criminal cases in the high court as well as in the supreme and magistrate courts. Mrs. Jabbie is orally articulated and has good writing skills. Being confident with high self-esteem in her profession, Mrs. Jabbie became a part time law lecturer at the Gambia Technical Training Institute teaching prospective lawyers.

Mrs. Dandeh Jabbie is a qualified expert in Alternative Dispute Resolution and had the opportunity to upgrade her skills by attending further training abroad in the University of Sacramento in California. This made her a certified trainer in this field and is now training Alternative Dispute Resolution experts for the High Court of The Gambia.

In 2010, Haddy moved to Comium Gambia Limited where she headed the legal affairs and human resources unit developing partnerships and maintaining operator relationships with the telecom regulator. She was also responsible for the enforcement and collection of debts owed to
the company. Mrs. Dandeh Jabbie structures commercial relationships and contracts between dealers and Comium.

For the love of her profession and defending human rights victims, Mrs. Jabbie does pro bono work defending litigants who cannot afford legal representation in criminal cases. She possesses analytical skills which is one of the most important skill great lawyers have. The drive for her
passion kept her going, giving free legal service to some people which made her colleagues trust and believe in her. Her passion for women and child rights advocacy, led to her active involvement in the Female Lawyers Association (FLAG) and is a founder member. She has been in the executive of the Female Lawyers Association Gambia from inception since January 2016.
She started as Social Secretary where she worked up the ranks to become Vice President and then President until her tenure ended in December 2021. Currently, she serves as a Senior Member of FLAG.

In January 2019, Haddy was appointed as the Deputy Lead Counsel to the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC). She headed the Sexual and Gender based committee at the Commission. Haddy was active in her functions at the Commission.

Over the years Haddy has worked on several consultancies. This includes the training of service personal such as lawyers, Social worker and the police on gender based Violence. Haddy was the local consultant in the Bill for the ending of child marriage and is currently the consultant on
the review of the 2005 Children’s act of the Gambia.

Currently Haddy is the Board Chair of Action Aid International The Gambia and prior to this was the Vice Chair and Board member. During the last Action Aid International Annual General Assembly, Haddy served as the Elections Committee convenor and conducted a success election
on the appoint of the new action aid international board chair.

Further Mrs jabbie is running her own Law Practice known as Dandeh Jabbie Law Practice and handles civil and criminal matters.

All her achievements have to do with dedication and Haddy has that including her excellent attitude for working with people. She is a wife and a mother of three beautiful children.