Nov 2023
8th Nov 2023

Training of lawyers, magistrates and police procecutors on tobacco control at Tendaba organized by NCD Unit

Flag was honored to be invited to a transformative 3-day training event at Tendaba Camp,Kiang, hosted by The Gambia's Ministry of Health’s NDC unit and the WHO-FCTC.
Sep 2023
21st Sep 2023


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Oct 2022
30th Oct 2022

FLAG implemented UNICEF Gambia and @UN Partnership project on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD)

This month has been an exciting one at FLAG as we we launched our UNICEF Gambia and @UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) funded project on Strengthening Access to Justice for Children with Disabilities.

Aug 2022
15th Aug 2022

Statement of the Flag President on the Conference; Women, Children & the Law

Good Morning, my Lord the Hon. Chief Justice of the Gambia, Justice Hassan B Jallow

May 2022
8th May 2022

Statement on International Women’s Day

Achieving gender equality and realizing the human rights, dignity and capabilities of diverse groups of women is a central requirement of a just and sustainable world. Over the years, FLAG has dedicated its resources to ensuring the protection of the rights of women and children in The Gambia. FLAG also recognizes the efforts of the Government of The Gambia in ratifying, domesticating, and enacting laws for the protection and wellbeing of the rights of women and children. We congratulate the Government on being the first in the world to submit a plan compatible with the Paris Agreement to mitigate the effects of climate change by 2030.

Apr 2022
20th Apr 2022

Trust Bank Donates D60,000 To FLAG

Female Lawyers’ Association (FLAG) is a non-political, non-sectarian, non-governmental, and non-profit association comprising female members of the Gambia legal profession established in 2006. It has in various ways contributed to the development of and the realization of the Rights of women and children in the Gambia since its establishment.

Mar 2016
7th Mar 2016

Training of Law Enforcement Officers

First Session with (Mam Amie Jobe)
Understanding The Concept of Access to Justice and Land Rights
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#FLAG - is a non-Political, non -sectarian, non partisan, non-governmental and non-profit making Association made up of female members of the legal profession who in various ways aim to contribute to the development and realization of the rights of women and children in The Gambia.